Featured Spandex Therapy Members


Travel blogger & digital marketing coordinator

Brooke is a travel blogger and digital marketing coordinator based in Fort Collins, Colorado. She spent the first two decades of her life in Northern Florida but recently moved to Colorado to be closer to the mountains. 

Most of her weekends are spent outdoors climbing, camping, and hiking with friends.

She always shares her travel experiences on her blog, The Beauty of Traveling.

Ben Lindemann

Cyclist in New Bern, NC

ST Founder, Rachel, first met Ben when he worked at Trek Bicycle Store Pensacola and he lead Rachel on her first open ride. They shared several miles before he moved to New Bern, NC last year. When you meet Ben, you become a part of the cycling community. He is always riding for a cause and has overcome challenges to earn his miles, and we’re thankful he shares these miles with others! 

He is one helluva bicyclist and a proud poster of frequent “bike porn!” and he is always rocking the cycle short tan lines!

Ashlie Molstad

Wellness Coach & Podcast Host

“It’s not about losing weight,” she says. “It’s about losing the lifestyle and habits that got you there. Losing weight doesn’t make you a better person. It only makes you lighter. It doesn’t make you smarter, funnier, kinder, more creative, more passionate, more determined or happier. It literally”
This amazing gal has been sharing her personal wellness journey finding solace, therapy, and motivation in improving herself and sharing the reality of her up-and-down days. because we’ve all been there. Ashlie will have you enjoying fitness, fun, and f-bombs while following her journey. 

Heather Hicks

Mother & Women empowerer

Heather Hicks is an amazing mom to three energetic kiddos! She was a schoolteacher until she decided to stay home and raise her own babies. We focus so much on our family that sometimes we forget to fill our own cup and it’s hard to take care of others when you are dying of thirst!!! This funny and motivational momma decided to pour herself a tall glass of self-love and she realized she just needed to SHOW UP and keep drinking! We all have chapters that will take us in different directions. This is what makes life so beautiful. Heather is now writing her own chapter and sharing her lifestyle-overhaul journey in hopes that is will inspire others to fill their glass as well. 

leanne hembrow

yoga instructor & gut health mentor

Leanne hosts yoga retreats and teaches in the Pacific Islands a Blissology Inspired Yoga to help others stay youthful and flexible. She is also a mentor Get Gutsy with Leanne Hembrow where she helps others heal and understand mindful eating for your gut. The girl’s got guts, that’s for sure.
Leanne’s self-stated life’s mission is : “To help others love and accept themselves fully.” A goal definitely worth sharing Spandex Therapy. If you’re interested in gut health or yoga on-board, definitely check out Leanne’s content and stretch the love. Thank you, Leanne, for all that you do to help others live better and love themselves. We love your guts!