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Triathlons make us wet.  So do bikes, hikes, walks, swims, stretches, and yoga.  And, we always prefer to do it outdoors.  Spandex Therapy is not about just working out.  It’s not about training.  And, it’s definitely not about forcing yourself to pound-foot to the pavement to lose weight.  It’s about moving, breathing, immersing yourself in an activity outside that cleanses your mind and keeps you sane.  Those of us who get, just get it.  We live in spandex and only wish we could wear it every day to work.  We can’t?  (When you find that job, let us know!)  But, if you’re new to Spandex Therapy, and just wrapping your head around our brilliant mantra, follow along and we know you will soon become part of our tribe.

If Spandex Therapy has changed your life for the better, feel free to send us your story and we will happily share.  Spandex save lives.  For real.  Then, grab yourself some badass Spandex Therapy swag, sport it while you’re getting your spandex on, and share our powerful mantra with the world.  This is what Spandex Therapy has done for our energetic, occasionally-insane founders:

Rachel Roberts


I put on a pair of sneakers 10 years ago and ran until I was completely lost. I will admit, it was easy to do because I have a horrible sense of direction. The journey to get started was scary because I had to be honest with myself and realize that not everyone is honest with us.

Somewhere between a 5k and a 140.6, I realized that my happiness was my own responsibility. For me it was never exercise, it was my therapy at my own pace.  It’s my church. It’s my balance. It’s my confidence. It’s my challenge. It’s my proof. It’s made me whole in a world full of holes! Spandex Therapy is how I learned to TRUST MYSELF.

Annie Dike


It stresses me out to get dressed like normal people.  Why can’t we all shave our heads and wear spandex all the time?  Ahoy!  Annie here, the wetterversion of Spandex Therapy. I like to sail, kitesurfing, eat, drink, swear, dance, and silk—somewhat in that order.  A long time ago, though, I did very few of those things, because I was too busy ballooning out in a cubicle busting my hump 10 hours a day trying to convince myself I liked practicing law in an office.  Thankfully, it did not work.

When I left the practice at the age of 30 to pursue a life of travel, exploration, and entrepreneurship, a huge part of that decision was to get out of the office and get into anything active.  We only get one body and one “go” at this, and I’m determined to spend as much of my time possible outside, connected with the sun and the water, doing anything that brings me a smile.  Note: I consider bikinis spandex.  You can, too.